Friday, July 24, 2015

Back to School Favorite - Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Mr.Sketch Scented Markers are by far my favorite.  I use them every year to make my anchor charts.  The colors are bright and vivid and the scents are heavenly. Mr. Sketch markers have twice the ink of most markers and last super-long.
Colors are bright and vivid. Mr. Sketch markers have twice the ink of most markers to last super-long. The smooth-flowing bevel-tip makes sketching easier. The tip is sturdy to keep its shape even after months of coloring. The specially formulated, non-bleeding water-based ink is great for easels. It's safe for children and certified AP non-toxic. Each color has its own fun scent to feed your imagination. See product description for all color/scent combinations. Includes magenta, pink, red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, turquoise, light blue, blue, light purple, purple, brown, and black. Mr. Sketch color/scent combinations are: Red/Cherry; Orange/Orange; Peach/Peach; Yellow/Lemon; Light Yellow/Banana Split; Mint Green/Tropical Punch; Green/Mint; Dark Green/Apple; Turquoise/Mango; Light Blue/Blue Raspberry Slushy; Blue/Blueberry; Purple/Grape; Lavender/Cotton Candy; Hot Pink/Melon; Magenta/Raspberry; Petal Pink/Bubble Gum; Black/Licorice; Brown/Cinnamon

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Perfect Pencil Sharpener

I have been using Panasonic pencil sharpeners for about fifteen years because they are reliable.  I decided to try out the X-Acto School Pro sharpener this summer because I read that it was designed by teachers with an emphasis on safety.  Absolutely LOVE IT! It's quick, quiet, and has a guard to prevent over-sharpening.  Everyone who comes in to use it comments on how great it works.  If you're looking for a fabulous sharpener while back to school shopping - this is the one to get.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Chalk's July Currently

It's that time again! I'm hooking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for the July Currently.
Here goes...

Listening:  We used Happy by Pharell Williams for our kindergarten Stepping Up.  Can't get it outta my head.  Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...

Loving:  I have been assigned to do the purchasing at my school.  The system is complicated but I'm looking forward to learning something new.  I'm a little nervous but I do LOVE to shop!

Thinking:  At times I look at my 60+ TPT products and think there's got to be a better way.  I've decided to organize grade level products by color.  Now I just need to begin making the new covers.
What is your system?

Wanting:  I'm on the lookout for an app to organize my clipart.  I have SOOOO much and I usually don't rename it - so finding what I need is quite time consuming.

Needing:  Due to the amount of time I spend on the laptop, I bought a Fitdesk a few months ago.  Then I picked up a Fitbit so I could compete with my colleagues. Now that summer break is here there are No excuses.

All Star:  Just call me the CLIPART QUEEN.  I'm at the point where I go to buy something new and I find that I already own it - LOL!