Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Chalk's February Currently

Hello February!  Better late than never...I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy It's Farley for the February Currently.  Here goes...

LISTENING:  Hello is such a great song. Adele has a powerful voice indeed.  I can't wait to see her perform on the upcoming Grammy Awards.

LOVING:  For the first time in NYC we're off on Monday, February 8th for the Lunar New Year!
THINKING:  Midwinter Recess is coming up shortly and I have three MAJOR assignments due for my administrative class.  Although I will be extremely busy, I am grateful to have the time off to get things done.

WANTING:  I have been working on how to balance work/home for years, yet I'm still where I started. What do you do to slow down?

NEEDING:  My iPad needs protection...LOL! If I drop that thing one more time.....

SWOONING:  Friday was Go Red for Women Day and my school raised $679 to be donated to the American Heart Association.  We're committed to spreading awareness.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Curriculum and Instruction

Here is a clever way to think about the difference between curriculum and instruction.

Curriculum = WHAT

Instruction = HOW

Equality vs. Equity

What is equity? Equity means fairness, which is not necessarily the same thing as equality. It’s not about everybody getting the same thing, it’s about everybody getting what they need in order to be successful.